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            About Chance

            Chance Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focusing on discovering, developing
            and commercializing transformative inhalation therapies for the world’s most debilitating diseases

            Founded in 2015 by a team of passionate and experienced experts in inhalation therapy, our vision is to
            harness the potential of inhalation therapy to improve and transform the lives of
            people living with the diseases for which more treatment options are needed.



            Closed a license-in deal with Aerami Therapeutics for PAH treatment


            Completed B round financing of about $12M in January 

            Listed as the Quasi-unicorn company in Hangzhou in 2019 and 2020

            Completed pivotal BE study for CXF11


            Completed a pilot BE study for CXF11 in November


            Selected as one of the 60 most valuable companies for investment in Zhejiang Province by Hurun Research Institute


            Closed A round financing of $8M in December


            Secured seed financing in April


            Founded in October 2015 in Hangzhou as a start-up biotech company focusing on inhalation therapies


            Dr. Donghao Chen
            Founder and CEO
            Dr. Lan Chen
            co-founder and SVP
            Mr. Peng Huang
            co-founder and VP


            Won the "China's Top 80 Healthcare Innovation Enterprises" in 2020

            Recognized as a small and medium-sized science and technology enterprise

            Selected as a quasi-unicorn enterprise in Hangzhou in 2020

            Won the third place in the Zhejiang Province Division of the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and the National Outstanding Award in 2019

            Won the title of Hangzhou "Young Eagle Plan" Enterprise in 2016

            Listed as the first top 60 recipients for "Kunpeng Plan"  in future technology city in Hangzhou in 2018


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